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Nov 30, 2012 5:00pm PST
making its way up the court system. california voters passed a law in 2008, but two years later a judge in san francisco ruled the law is unconstitutional. if the supreme court decides to hear the case, the justices would hear the case in march or april with a decision expected in june. >>> the house of representatives voted today to allow foreign students getting advanced degrees in science and math from american schools to get green cards. it's a move that got a lot of backing from the tech industry, especially in the silicon valley. and at least in the house, fairly bipartisan support. but it is controversial, even among democrats, because the new plan would eliminate an earlier plan that gave green cards to other groups, including immigrants from africa. >>> well, in the east bay, a former teacher of the year has been sentenced to almost five years in prison for possessing child pornography. 28-year-old alex bersch was ordered to spend five years behind bars and fined $2,000. he was a popular teacher at los madonos school and a coach for a swim team. police found pornographic videos
Dec 1, 2012 5:00pm PST
this is the largest christmas parade in california. the tree lighting ceremony last night was canceled due to the rain. rescheduled for this friday. >>> right now, we're going to check in on the weather. what is going on, anthony? it's crazy. >> it is we've seen a lot of rain over the past four days. i want to give you a peek outside. this is the calm before the storm. we're not looking at any heavy rain. this is the palo alto. you will notice the roadways are slick. keep the headlights on and use caution on the roadways. already seeing the rain push back into the area. this is going to be the final push of rain as we head through the next 24 hours. you can see the coast really getting hammered from right around monterrey bay stretching up towards ft. bragg. that's where some of the heaviest stuff has fallen. this system is just getting going. in fact, this is the appetizer of what's to come. you will notice the heavy rain already starting to fall in san rafa rafael. just knot of san francisco. in fact, this is the heaviest batch of rain that we have in the viewing area right now. it's going to contin
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2